Sunday, February 27, 2011

Animu Hair Prototype

Yes. This is what I do in my spare time; I try to make my hair look like various Anime characters. My new obsession is Risty from Queen's Blade. I want to cosplay her sometime in the future when I get a body like hers. I styled my hair with no products (Since I do not have any hairspray/gel or anything.) So I will be re-attempting this once I get some and then buy some hair extensions.  I enhanced the red of my hair with photoshop since my red got washed out terribly for some stupid reason. Also, I had plastic surgery so my face looks more like an animu character.

Here is a reference picture of Risty. I want this figure so bad.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Absent No More

Ug... Been busy working on items for my Artist Alley table for Jafax here in Michigan. I suggest anyone who makes it out to come see me! I've been inking artwork and sculpting charms the past week. I've been trying to avoid browsing the internet and becoming distracted. So here is a sneak peak at something new I am trying. These are Snail Desserts from the new Alice in Wonderland computer game. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dead Island

I'm not usually one for doing reviews for games or movies, but something about Dead Island is different. It EXCITES me. I haven't been this excited for a game since Parasite Eve 2, and that was when I was thirteen.

Where to start? Well, the official announcement video made me cry; however, I sort of blame half of  it on "Aunt Flow" if-ya-know-what-I-mean. Anyways, when I first watched this, the scene being in reverse made me think they put their daughter out for the zombies because she was bit. THAT made me cry. So, I re-watched it to see that that was not the case, but I still was super sad.

The game creators claim this game is going to be different; this game is going to actually scare us. At least that is what they're saying; I can only hope they will keep to their word.

The trailer alone makes me want to start running, eat healthier, increase my core strength and learn how to shoot a fucking gun. I'll be packing my army bag full of non-perishables in case I need to haul ass out of here. So yeah, that's my little mindless dribble about Dead Island. I hope you guys enjoy.

Also, anyone who's into Zombie games/movies/books, I suggest you read beyond exile day by day Armageddon. This story ALSO got me so paranoid I slept with my doors locked and my knife under my pillow.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Basically, I am stealing Butt Hurt Squad's topic from his blog post today. This entire RANT is all thanks to him. At first I was skeptical about being able to relate to fellow bloggers, but this project has really opened my eyes.  I try to read everyone's blogs at least once a day or every other day; however, there are a few that make me feel a little less alien in this world. I want to thank AugustineOfRhino for his amazing entry!!!

Okay, so back on the subject of THE SWAT KATS. Hands down one of the most memorable series I ever watched as a child at my Grandmother's house. I didn't have basic cable at my mother's, so it was a treat to squat down with some home made corn bread and watch Swat Kats and The Pirates of Dark Water (Another amazing cartoon, but that's for another day) The heroes were just your basic guys who loved a challenge. They had no super powers, no money, no dark secrets etc.  There were no "campy lessons" or "stay away from drugs" messages. It's just two bad-asses saving the town they love. They were  former Air Pilots who got fucked over by their leader, basically. As punishment they were sent to work as Junk Yard keepers/Mechanics.

I could go on about the story, but I suggest it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. It's the 90's at it's best, but was cut short thanks to Ted Turner and his belief that the cartoon was too violent. Ted Turner is a JACK-ASS for this. I can go on about the injustice, but it's not going to bring the series back. So... All I can do is spread the word that this series is amazing.


Post Valentines Day Banter

 So, Valentines day has come and went. All in all it was a nice Valentines day for me; I went out on a limb and asked a guy I've liked for sometime to be my Valentine. I gave him the picture above as a token of my affections. Anyone who knows where this card is from is AWESOME; the guy I gave it to knew where it came from which made it all the better.  He said "yes" and thanked me which made me feel AMAZING. Just tiny gestures like that can have such a positive impact on people. This day in age we're all so busy and using technology to interact, so when someone stops just to take a few seconds to tell you, "Hey, I care about you" it's great. I got a card in the mail from a gal pal of mine and almost teared up. Just knowing 1 person took the time to write me something sentimental moved me. 

Valentines day is whatever you make it out to be. It's not just for people in relationships. My mother bought me some Cherry Cordials (They are my life) and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I loved it. We all are so worried about what "unique" thing we can do for our loved ones on this day. Honestly, just stop and think about what makes the person you care about genuinely happy. If you love them, this question shouldn't be too difficult to answer. Don't go spending a shit ton of cash on flowers (Unless she REALLY loves flowers) or some ugly tie he'll never wear (Unless he REALLY loves ties) Get something meaningful. 

Anyways. I just want to let all my followers know that as long as you have Family and Friends you're not alone.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Genkai Cosplay HELP

So, I've been into the convention scene for going on 8 years now, but I have never cosplayed. This coming year I want to change that; however, I have zero sewing skills. I have basic knowledge of the sewing machine I own, but I hope that too will be changed. I am asking all my cosplay and sewing followers to GIVE ME A HAND. I am planning on doing Young Genkai from Yu Yu Hakusho (Eventually plan to do old Genkai once I learn better makeup techniques) YYH was the first anime movie I ever rented as a child and I have such AMAZING memories of the series. I also look A LOT like Genkai. I am super short and my hair cut is EXACTLY like hers. (I'll be wearing a wig though since my hair is red and not pink)

Also, here is a quick peak at some makeup experimenting I am doing for OLD Genkai. Since she wears the same outfit, I am going to do old and young Genkai. This is just a 15 min practice. I wanted to learn what I could before purchasing more colors and spending more time on the final product. YES, first post of my face and it's scary as hell!

I am also asking for suggestions for what material I should make her outfit out of. I appreciate everyone's help!

Also, proof that I am not an old scary demon woman monster. The power of maaaakeeeuuuup.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Etsy Account

So. I am going to be posting charms on my Etsy account. Etsy is sort of like an Arts and Crafts Ebay. Here is some of the stuff you'll see in my store, along with the stuff I have posted. My cupcake charms are currently up for sale. I would love some feedback or to hear some charms you guys would like to see!

 Braaaains! Some cute zombie charms I made for some pals during Halloween. I've got a bunch of these little guys.
 Some yummy jelly filled doughnuts and rolls I made. I tossed the doughnuts out since they didn't come out how I wanted them to.
Props to anyone who knows what series this is from. This guy was fun to make, but I never finished him because I COULD NOT find a jewelry piece that looked like the one in the show.

 Sableye! He was such a pain to make! But I am so glad I did. Sadly, he was destroyed by the owner... A girlfriend bought it for a boyfriend, then when they split she smashed him with a hammer ;___; So sad...

Oddish version 1.0 and Marill!!! I love this Marill so much. Marill is one of my favorite "new" gen Pokemon. I am still an oldfag who loves the original 151.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Don't Forget the Lyrics!

I've been chatting with some friends about songs I or people I know have been singing wrong for years. Have any of you ever heard someone you know sing a song's lyrics so wrong you thought they were joking, or been the foolish culprit yourself? I'm going to list a few songs and the incorrect lyrics. I'll write the song and title, followed by the incorrect lyrics and who said them. These are some of my favorites. PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORIES ON THIS!

"In your head, in your head SOFTLY SOFTLY SOFT-LY-LY-LY"- Me
This is what I get for not knowing the titles of songs; had I known the title was ZOMBIE I would not have been saying SOFTLY for years. My aunt gave me this CD with no cover with the song titles, so it took me until JUST RECENTLY to discover the correct lyrics.

Rob Zombie- Spook Show Baby
"She's a killer! She's a thriller! MUCHO BUENA"- Me
Yes, I had been singing Spook Show Baby wrong for years; before I knew the title I had been putting random incorrect Spanish words into it when any person with common sense knows the lyrics just by reading the title. I had just been hearing it on the radio so I never knew the title...

Fugees- Killing Me Softly
"Strumin' my THANG with his finger..."- My Grandmother
My little old Grandma had been singing some rated-x lyrics for quite sometime before my mother finally called her out. Oh lordy what the hell was my grandma thinking.

Filter-Hey man, nice shot!
"Hey man, nice SHIRT!"- David Dewey (Co-worker)
My co-worker admitted to singing this song wrong and I about peed my pants when he told me.

Nelly Furtado- I'm Like a Bird
"I'm like a bird I'll like the waaaaaay."- My mother
I have no fricken clue how my own mother got this one wrong.

7am Movie Review

Okay... So I've been up all night watching movies from my childhood; one that had the biggest impact on my life is "The Quick and the Dead." I watched it when I was like 7-9 and the female lead Ellen had an amazing impact on me growing up. She's everything I wanted to be and still do. Re-watching the film as an Adult Female has re-kindled that desire. SO I suggest everyone go watch it now. I sort of realized some of the main character's are a bit "cliche" characters, but they die soon anyways so... GO WATCH IT ON NETFLIX.

P.S. Sharon Stone is at her sexiest in this movie and I would marry her.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Moving on Up

So, just got news that my family and I got approved to rent our new house and to move in at the end of the month! It's such a huge house and we'll be OUT of this Condo. The Condo is great, but now it's PACKED with people and there is little to no parking space. Not to mention our neighbors are Alcoholics who've been in and out of Rehab twice now! So they get pretty loud and obnoxious on the weekends.

Lumpy Space Jake
ANYWAYS. Here are some more charms that I had time to do. The Lumpy Space Jake is for a dear friend of mine for Valentines Day. <3 I have sort of a School Girl crush on them and have had it for like seven years now XD Pathetic, I know.

LSP $8
Lumpy Space Princess is my ALL TIME favorite character from Adventure Time. I made this gal for one of my BEST friends ever. I love him to death and made this for him for his birthday, but I am such a bad friend that I haven't sent it yet! ;_;

Oddish $10
This little Oddish is a commission for a Customer. I sell these little guys for $10. I love making Oddish for some reason.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Online Cosplay Contest

I usually don't support contests like these because I believe ones like this aren't moderated to a fair level. Anyone can enter whether or not they made their costume etc and someone could have an unfair advantage.

ANYWAYS. A few good friends of mine entered just for shit and giggles. AKA FUN. However, a certain someone who I will not mention entered every Category and she has a HUGE fan base of sex driven men who will do whatever she says.


(If you don't care about your vote my pal is the Ramona on the first page ;3 She needs the $$ for student loans)

Art Works in Progress

On top of doing charm work, I do dabble a bit in drawing/CGing as well.  Here are some Works in Progress that will probably never get finished because I am so lazy. ;_; Oh well. Let's hope blogging will fix the laziness for me since I have to keep up with it. I do advise all of you that A LOT of my stuff is Not Safe for Work or School!!! So I apologize in advance!

My OC Bridget
 This is one of my all time favorite characters, Bridget. I love coloring skin (as you can see)
  This is my Pixel Fighter from a Pixel Fighter project I and a bunch of other artists were working on. This is my Tentacle Villain "getting friendly" with another contestants Hero character. 
 My attempt to doing something more dynamic poses. I'll probably change the entire look of this girl.

A re-vamp of the sketch above. I need to re-color it now ;-;

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pokemon Charms

So, I thought I'd post some of my Pokemon charms that I have been doing over the years. These little guys are so fun to make! A lot of work go into these despite how small they are. I use sculpey, scupley glaze, little pieces wire and cheap acrylics and watercolor paints. The two little Oddishes are an earring set with a necklace.

Ice King Gender Bender Adventure Time

The Ice King is probably one of my favorite villains of all time; when I saw his female version on DeviantArt I knew I had to recreate the scene where the Ice King yells at Gunter about being a fatty. So here is a quick drawing I did real quick, it makes me giggle whenever I look at it. I hope to do more in the future. I know they are going to be putting the female version of Finn and Jake (Their names are Fionna and Cake) officially in the cartoon, so I can only hope the female version of the Ice King (Ice Queen) will make an appearance. I hope she looks like this since they are keep Fiona and Cake looking the same as they do on the internet.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feeling Creative Today

So, we got over a foot of snow the other night and we're still under a Blizzard Warning until 11pm tomorrow. I felt rather creative last night; I sculpt charms out of sculpey clay and make jewelry. I'll be doing more charms and post them as I finish. Hope you all enjoy!

This one is one of my favorites, I love to do gruesome things and sculpting eyeballs it a load of fun. This little eyeball cupcake is like the size of a quarter MAYBE. So it was quite difficult getting detail on the eye. I used translucent liquid sculpey mixed with a bit of clay sculpey to make the frosting.

Anime Central 2011

So Anime Central is coming up in May! I am so excited to see all of my old con buddies and make new ones. 2008 was my favorite year thanks to a pal of mine known as Daguru and his pal Avi doing Siam from Silent Hill! I've never got to see the two of them in person in this costume so I hope they bring it back again this year!

The Silent Hill Soundtrack is what got me so enthralled in the series, I've never played a game with such an amazing soundtrack.

Favorite Stuff by Alice Cooper

I fricken love Alice Cooper's music so much and I completely forgot about this song until recently! EVERYONE LISTEN TO IT NOW! I got a chance to meet Alice Cooper when I used to work at the "Haunted Mill." Very laid back kinda guy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Alcoholic

So, my dad brought home a friend the other night; usually when my dad brings home a guest, it's only for a short visit. However, this guest was going to be staying for quite sometime. My dad's friend is homeless; he was once a successful Rock Radio DJ until his fame got to him. He developed a pretty serious cocaine addiction along with an alcohol addiction. Little did I know, the man has serious demon from his childhood. When he and my father were children they were apart of Boy Scouts. On one of their canoeing trips, the canoe got tipped over and my father's friend's glasses fell into the lake. This wouldn't have been a big deal, but my dad's friend came from a blue collar income family and those glasses were costly. So their Troop Leader decided he would dive into the lake later that evening to retrieve the glasses. Sadly, in a freak accident, the troop leader drown. My dad's friend has held himself accountable for the troop leader's death ever since. 

It's really sad how something like that could have such a powerful affect on someone's life. I really wish he would realize that his troop leader wouldn't want him to keep that burden on his shoulders.