Sunday, March 6, 2011

4 lbs Loooost

Huzzah. Lost 4 lbs since I last started eating healthy; it's awesome because I haven't really changed my eating habits much. I even eat double cheeseburgers from Mc. Donalds. I enjoyed a HUGE triple cheeseburger just last night, so I was a bit weary about getting on the scale this morning. However, to my surprise I was 4lbs lighter than when I started this! So far the "Fat Head" logic of dieting has proven valid so far.

I lowered my carb intake to below 70grams a day. I am a strong candidate for type 2 diabetes, but according to my blood sugar levels I am not there YET. I am doing my best to nip this potential crisis in the bud for my health's sake. 

I'll post before and after shots at the end of this month. WISH ME LUCK! 


  1. Congrats. Getting it started is the most difficult part.

  2. Cool! Just keep up the motivation! Are you doing any regular exercising?

  3. THANK YOU!!!

    I've been moving ALL week. I have been moving boxes up stairs, down stairs and back up stairs all day. Then I have been playing Wii sports Boxing and Bowling for 2 hours every day. (Yah yah not REAL exercise, but I am so sore.)

    I just got a new treadmill and will be using that daily. ^.^

    Here's hoping for another 2-4lbs this coming week.

  4. Well done! Keep it up!