Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 2

Okay, so this is technically day 2 of my new "diet." I finally got some lancets to test my blood sugar; let it be known that Hospital lancets hurt like a bitch compared to the ones where you can adjust deepness the needle goes in. Pretty sure the hospital ones are set to 5 which is the highest level, but these were free so I can't bitch.

My blood sugar after eating a typical lunch of tuna and eggs was 82 which is great; it's on the "lower" side of normal which is what I am striving for. I can't wait to test my fasting blood sugar tomorrow morning. I'm going to update this post for my own sake to keep track of my sugar levels. So just ignore those.

3-3-11 @ 4:50pm: 82
3-3-11 @ 7:15pm: 116 (After eating broccoli and cheese with a small side of chicken Alfredo)
3-4-11 @ 6:40am: 95 is my fasting blood sugar, odd that it's higher than yesterday after a meal.
3-4-11@ 10:30am: 102 after eating bacon and fried eggs. Yummy.
3-4-11@ 8:00pm: 111 after a grilled chicken salad, ranch dressing and popcorn chicken.
3-6-11@ 12:00am: 166 after eating a triple cheeseburger from Burger King. (Mmmm)
3-6-11 @ 1:17am: 114 2 hours after dinner. 

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