Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Post Valentines Day Banter

 So, Valentines day has come and went. All in all it was a nice Valentines day for me; I went out on a limb and asked a guy I've liked for sometime to be my Valentine. I gave him the picture above as a token of my affections. Anyone who knows where this card is from is AWESOME; the guy I gave it to knew where it came from which made it all the better.  He said "yes" and thanked me which made me feel AMAZING. Just tiny gestures like that can have such a positive impact on people. This day in age we're all so busy and using technology to interact, so when someone stops just to take a few seconds to tell you, "Hey, I care about you" it's great. I got a card in the mail from a gal pal of mine and almost teared up. Just knowing 1 person took the time to write me something sentimental moved me. 

Valentines day is whatever you make it out to be. It's not just for people in relationships. My mother bought me some Cherry Cordials (They are my life) and gave me a kiss on the forehead. I loved it. We all are so worried about what "unique" thing we can do for our loved ones on this day. Honestly, just stop and think about what makes the person you care about genuinely happy. If you love them, this question shouldn't be too difficult to answer. Don't go spending a shit ton of cash on flowers (Unless she REALLY loves flowers) or some ugly tie he'll never wear (Unless he REALLY loves ties) Get something meaningful. 

Anyways. I just want to let all my followers know that as long as you have Family and Friends you're not alone.


  1. Aww... Well you had a nice day :)

  2. That was a sweet post. That card brings me back, to a wonderful, ancient time when The Simpsons was actually good.