Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Alcoholic

So, my dad brought home a friend the other night; usually when my dad brings home a guest, it's only for a short visit. However, this guest was going to be staying for quite sometime. My dad's friend is homeless; he was once a successful Rock Radio DJ until his fame got to him. He developed a pretty serious cocaine addiction along with an alcohol addiction. Little did I know, the man has serious demon from his childhood. When he and my father were children they were apart of Boy Scouts. On one of their canoeing trips, the canoe got tipped over and my father's friend's glasses fell into the lake. This wouldn't have been a big deal, but my dad's friend came from a blue collar income family and those glasses were costly. So their Troop Leader decided he would dive into the lake later that evening to retrieve the glasses. Sadly, in a freak accident, the troop leader drown. My dad's friend has held himself accountable for the troop leader's death ever since. 

It's really sad how something like that could have such a powerful affect on someone's life. I really wish he would realize that his troop leader wouldn't want him to keep that burden on his shoulders.


  1. Sad story... we all have those demons we can relate to.

  2. Things like "forever", "never", "always" are powerful statements, and sometimes difficult for us humans to grasp. That is why death is such a powerful emotion invoker.

  3. Wow.. That's pretty heavy stuff to carry around.

    I'm sure he wouldn't want him to carry that burden either.